Ambien Dosage for Women

Why Ambien Dosage for Women Should be Reduced from 10 mg to 5 mg?

According to the new guidelines by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ambien dosage for women should be lowered from the currently prescribed 10mg to 5mg henceforth. This decision comes in the wake of drowsy driving accident cases reported in some women who were taking the drug in the prescribed 10mg dosage.

Ambien 10mg dosage and its effects on women

After such cases being reported widely in the media, clinic trials were conducted on women who were on 10mg Ambien for the treatment of insomnia or sleeping trouble. The reports suggested that in women who were taking 10mg Ambien the previous night, higher levels of the drug were found in their bloodstream even the next morning, i.e., after 8 hours of the dose being administered. Higher levels of Ambien in the blood tend to make the patient more drowsy than usual (common side effect of Ambien), thereby putting them at a higher risk of accidents while driving. (Ambien Dosage for Women)

Why women are now prescribed Ambien 5mg dosage?

In order to reduce the risk of accidents among women under the drowsy effect of the drug while going to work the next day, doctors now advise their female patients to take Ambien at half the dosage strength, i.e., 5mg. It is believed that women on 10mg Ambien are more prone to “drowsy driving” accidents than their male counterparts since the drug takes more time to be eliminated from their system. With higher drug levels still found in the blood the next morning after it has been taken the previous night before sleeping, it is advised not to drive or perform any other activity which requires the mind to be alert at all times.

Where to buy Ambien COD online?

The drug is generally indicated to help people experiencing difficulties in falling asleep at night or staying asleep for the recommended number of hours. Although it is easily available online on a number of medical websites, it is always recommended to buy Ambien only on doctor prescription from a renowned online pharmacy and a trusted drug manufacturer. Once you have ended your search for a good online pharmacy to buy Ambien, you can place your order and choose to pay cash on delivery (COD) for the drug.

This has several advantages over paying online at the time of placing the order, the most important being the ability to check and be satisfied with the order received in terms of correct brand name, dosage strength, and quantity ordered. Once you’re sure that you got what you wanted, go ahead with making the payment for it to the delivery person. It is for this reason that most online pharmacies encourage their users to order Ambien cash on delivery.

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Doctors prescribe sedative hypnotics like Ambien for patients who are suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia (Buy Ambien online), Ambien helps in slowing down the activity of the brain. As a result, the person will get sound sleep. Since this medicine is directly affecting the brain one must take this medicine only when prescribed by the doctor.

Ambien which is the brand name of Zolpidem may have side effects. While prescribing the medicine the doctor will take into consideration the condition of the patient, his medical history, age and all other factors. Subsequently, the medicine will be prescribed. Once the patient has the prescription for Zolpidem he can order Zolpidem Online. But the patient must make sure that he takes the medicine exactly as per the prescription. The patient must never make any changes to the dosage on his own. An overdose of this medicine has to be avoided as it may prove to be fatal. Abuse of medicine can also lead to drug overdose.

Here is how you can Buy Ambien Online:

Once you have the prescription the next important thing is to procure the medicine. If you want to order for the medicine without any hassles then you must place the order with an online pharmacy. Choose a reputed online pharmacy which will deliver only good quality medicines within the stipulated time.

There are many other advantages of opting for online pharmacies. You can access the drugstore round the clock. You can place the order for the medicine at the click of a button and from the convenience of your home. One more important advantage that you have when you place the order for the medicine with online drugstore is that you can buy Cheap Ambien 10mg Online. There are some reputed online pharmacies which offer the best prices and discounts to their customers. Thus the customers can enjoy the benefit of best pricing.

Not interested in making online payments? Even then you can buy Ambien online!

Many clients are not very keen to make the payments online as they have to reveal their confidential credit card details. With the growing threat of online frauds, not many people are willing to take the risk of online payments. Even then the order for ambien can be placed online. The client must choose the cash on delivery option.

In the cash on delivery or COD option, no confidential credit card details have to be given. In fact, the client does not have to make any advance payments in the case of cash on delivery option. The payments have to be made in cash when the medicine is delivered to the patient at the delivery address.

Once you get Ambien you must make sure that you follow the doctor’s prescription. The doctor must have prescribed the medicine only because he feels that the advantages of the medicine are more as compared to the side effects for that particular patient. If the patient does not find the dose to be effective then he must check with the doctor for the same.

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